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Cabon Fiber Propeller

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**Why us**


Unlike other shops offering old style carbon fibre propellers with fibreglass filling. Our propellers are a lot lighter.



Dolphin Co RC only import the latest carbon fibre props: 


All our carbon fiber props are one piece de-moulded, CNC machined. hand finished to balance. All are factory balanced

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Propeller Size (inch) Average Weight (g) Engine RPM
16×8  95 2 stroke, 20cc, petrol 6500-8000
17×8  105 2 stroke, 20cc, petrol 6500-8000
18×10  115 2 stroke, 26-35cc, petrol 6500-8000
19×8  130 2 stroke, 30-35cc, petrol 6500-8000
20×8  150 2 stroke, 30-40cc, petrol 6500-8000
22×8 / 10 180/200 2 stroke, 45-60cc, petrol 6500-8000
23×8  200 2 stroke, 50-60cc, petrol 6500-8000
24×10 220 2 stroke, 70-80cc, petrol 6500-8000
26×10   255 2 stroke, 75-85cc, petrol 6500-8000
26×12  255 2 stroke, 85-111cc, petrol 6500-8000
27×10  285 2 stroke, 100-120cc, petrol 6500-8000
28x10 315 2 stroke, 100-120cc, petrol 6500-8000
30x12  350 2 stroke, 150-160cc, petrol 6500-8000
30x13  350  2 stroke, 170-180cc, petrol 6500-8000
31×12  380  2 stroke, 170-220cc, petrol 6500-8000
32×10  410  2 stroke, 150cc, petrol 6500-8000
32×12  410 2 stroke, 150-170cc, petrol 6500-8000


                                                   << Safety Instruction >>

  • Install the prop with the curved side of the blade facing forward and tighten the prop nut or bolt with the proper size wrench.
  • Recheck the tightness of the nut of bolt often
  • When starting the engine, keep spectators at least 20 feet clear of the model and out of the path of the propeller
  • Keep hands away from the prop as much as possible, Use a chicken stick or electric starter
  • Keep face and body our of prop arc as engine is started and running
  • Make all adjustment from behind the prop except on pusher prop installations
  • Never throw anything into the prop to stop the engine. Use a kill switch of pinch off the engine's fuel supply
  • Discard any prop with nicks, scratches, splits,cracks or any other sign of damaged. Never attempt to repair, alter or bend a prop
  • Don't run an engine in areas of loose gravel or sand for the prop can throw such material into your face and eyes. It’s not a bad idea to wear eye protection
  • Keep loose clothing, shirt sleeves, and other such items away from the prop and avoid carrying objects that can fall into the prop such as pens, screwdrivers, etc
  • Be sure to keep the glow driver wire out of the prop path
  • If a spinner is used, be certain that it's edges are not in contact with prop blades



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