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Mintor 22cc Engine

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The “Ferrari” engine for modelers.

Made in Italy.Engineered by master craftsman. All parts are done in house to ensure the highest quality and best fit in the industry today.


Code: NM038A000A
Displacement: 38cc
Bore: 1.77 in
Stroke: 0.90 in
RPM Range: 1550-9000 RPM
RPM Max: 9000 RPM
Carburetor: Walbro
Engine weight: 2.2 lbs
Ignition weight: 3.7oz

Displacement: 22cc

Bore: 1.33 in

Stroke: .98 in

RPM Range: 1650-8700 RPM

RPM Max: 8800 RPM

Carburetor: Walbro

Engine weight: 1.4 lbs

Ignition weight: 3.7oz

Barrel weight: 2.04 oz

Recommended propellers: 17 x 6

Included: spark plug NGK, barrel, spacers, ignition, linkage carburetor.

Required: unleaded petrol, oil 100% synthetic 2-stroke, power battery, propeller.

Warranty: 3 years


One piece CNC machined case. Lightweight and ridged design. Not a bolt together case.

Superior reed case design. Smoothest running engine in the world. Superior design to minimize vibration. Provides excellent throttle response.

Mufflers and canisters feature O ring seal, no gaskets to worry about.

 Secures muffler to engine without vibrating loose.

Mufflers and canisters are CNC machined from aluminium alloy Slanted carb design reduces turbulence in the cowling.

All parts are manufactured in Italy utilizing superior alloy components. Nikasil lining on the bores ensures long life and friction resistance. 3 years warranty Muffler included More images coming soon..

Safety instructions


This engine can cause severe damages to things and/or persons.
Read carefully all of the following instructions. 
Mintor srl & Dolphin Co is not responsible for any loss, injury and any other kind of damage resulting from the miss-use of its products or from the miss-observance of all the following instructions.

- Operate the engine only if you want to be completely responsible for its safe operation and for any damage or injury incurred or caused during it’s operation.
- Operate the engine only if you are an expert, if you have any question about any aspect of operating this motor, do not attempt to start or operate it. Ask for information to an expert or contact Mintor srl.
- Never operate the engine alone.
- Always operate the engine in open areas. Never operate indoors.
- This engine develops tremendous thrust, make sure the aircraft is properly secured when starting the engine.
- Keep away from the prop while operating the engine. Do not wear loose clothing near the engine or prop. Do not run the engine near loose material (ropes, cords, gravel, tools, etc.) that can be drawn into the turning prop causing injury or damage to things and/or persons.
- Inspect motor mount bolts and firewall integrity before operating the engine.
- When operating the engine, anyone has to stand behind the prop, never stand in front of or to the side of the prop and always wearing protective clothing and glasses.
- Keep spectators at least 20 meters away when operating the engine.
- Turn off the engine before making any adjustment and/or cheking.
- Allow the engine and exhaust to cool before touching or fueling.
- Always use the recommended size propeller. Never use a damaged or repaired propeller.
- Check regularly that the propeller bolts are tight.
- When mounting the propeller make sure that the fastening screws tighten the propeller and do not stop (if too long) on the bottom of the thread of the hub.
- Do not use spacers behind the propeller or the fastening screws head.
- Always install an ignition kill switch to stop the ignition of the engine.
- Adjust the carburetor linkage so that the engine will stop when the carburet is completely closed.
- Gasoline is extremely flammable. Be careful and apply all the required safety precautions when using high flammable and volatile substances.
- The ignition system develops extremely high voltage. Do not touch the ignition and/or the cable during operation.

Engine use

The engine needs mid to high octane gas and high quality completely synthetic oil.
There are many different brands of high quality oil, they can all be easily found at any motorcycle shop. It is better to choose the ones for high performances 2strokes engines.
Remember that the use of a high quality oil, even if more expensive, lengthen your engine life.
The mixture is usually made with 2% of oil except for the break-in.

The high standard of the coupling tolerance and the quality of the material that we use, allow a quite short break-in.
For the break-in on the ground run 1 liter of mix at 2% of oil. Run at middle and low speed for the first half a liter and with some short and gradual acceleration to high speed for the remaining half a liter.
During the running of the first liter on the ground, you have to keep a slightly rich carburetion. Do not exaggerate in richening the carburetion!!! For a longer life of all the parts of your engine, it is better to do the first 10 flights (lasting about 10 minutes each) without asking extreme performances to your engine.
During the first 10 flights, it is possible that the carburetion needs to be slightly regulated.
You will get the engine highest performances usually after about 20 flights.

Needle adjustments:
The engine is provided with the right needle adjustment.
Setting will vary during the break-in, when changing propeller or plane, with significant variations of temperature or when changing kind of exhaust.

Indicative needle adjustments:
engine 37cc min. (L) 1 and 3/4 turn max. (H) 1,5 turn

engine 75cc min. (L) 1,5 turn max. (H) 1 e 1/4 turn
engine 110cc min. (L) 1 and 1/4 turn max. (H) 1,5 turn
engine 220cc min. (L) 1,5 turn max. (H) 1,5 turn

In the 4cilynders engines, either the carburetors has to be adjusted, on the rear cylinders the needles have to be opened to another 1/6 position.

Usually the manufacturer setting correspond to a proper running.
If you have to change the setting, adjust the “high” needle (H) in order to obtain a full and constant engine running. If the engine lose power and over heat at high speed then the carburetion is lean and needs to be richened turning the needle (H) counter-clockwise. When adjusting, turn the needle 1/8 of turn and check.
To adjust the low speed needle (L), make sure that you have already properly adjusted the H needle, then run the engine at about 1100-1200 revolutions for about 30’’ and accelerate till the maximum of revoutions.
If during the acceleration process the engine “grumble” and do not increase the revolutions the carburetion is rich and you have to close the needle (L) clockwise. If during the acceleration process the engine has a moment of “idle” and violently get to the high speed, then the carburetion is lean and needs to be richened turning the needle L counter-clockwise.
When adjusting, turn the needle 1/8 of turn and check.
Remember that adjusting a needle can have slight effect on the other.
Remember that numerous tests on the ground can heat the engine and lead to a normal contained loss of power.

Recommended props:

Engine 37cc: 20x8 – 20x10

Engine 110cc: 28x10 – 29x10 – 30x10(only for haulage)
Engine 220cc: 32x12 – 33x12 – 34x10

- Make sure you have followed all the safety instructions given by the manufacturer house.
- Turn on the radio system and check the throttle operation and position.
- Have at least 2 persons firmly hold in safety conditions the plane.
- Close the choke completely.
- Open the throttle to approximately ¼ position.
- Turn on the ignition.


- Always wear a heavy leather glove when starting the motor.
- Give the prop a quick, firm, flip counter clockwise. Follow through quickly as you flip the prop so your hand is out of the propeller’s path.
- Repeat until the motor fires.
- Open the choke.
- Set throttle to idle position slightly open.
- Carefully flip the prop again until the motor runs.
- Let the engine warm up for about 30’’ on the low speed. Smoothly accelerate in order to clean possible fuel excesses into the engine. Verify, always following the safety instructions, that the engine has a proper carburetion and running before flying.

All the Mintor engines are covered by a 3 year warranty, starting from the date of purchase.
This warranty covers defects in workmanship.
Never disassemble the engine, the exhausts and the ignition.
Any tampering even the smallest one, or the misuse of the engine, exhausts or ignition, will void this warranty.
The use of different important accessories, such as ignition or exhausts, from the ones authorized by Mintor srl, will void this warranty.
All the items that need to be replaced have to be carefully packed and shipped to Mintor srl. Deemed the defectiveness of the item, Mintor will ship the repaired or replaced item.

This warranty does not cover the following:
- Damages caused by a crash.
- Damages caused by using improper fuel, oils or additives.
- Damages caused by a different use from the one described into the instructions or anyhow an improper/unsuitable treatment.
- Damages incurred during transit to Mintor srl/Dolphin Co. Pack the engine carefully, take the spark-plugs off for the shipping.
- Shipping expenses to and from Mintor srl /Dolphin Co RC for warranty service.


3 Years Manufacturer Warranty

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